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Dissident Warwick

Lorenzo Vidal-Folch | 11.01.2008 21:07 | Birmingham

A termly student zine at the University of Warwick.

We produced a student zine last term called Dissident Warwick, and will produce an issue every term. We printed 2000 copies of a 16 page issue, you can access the articles online on our blog:

Who we are?

Unimpressed by the mainstream media, the Careers Fairs pamphlets and the political party manifestos, we have produced a publication for the progressive, anti-neoliberal, independent-minded student. We are not the finance and management interns, nor the to-be career politicians and bureaucrats, but the campaigners, the activists, the artists, the thinkers, the dreamers. We reject the notion of the one dimensional student/customer/consumer and come together as students for social change, representing nobody but ourselves.

From anarchism to socialism, feminism to environmentalism and anywhere in-between and beyond, we aim to be a non-dogmatic forum for progressive thought and debate. While we are overtly political, we are equally non-partisan. Though each contributor may have his or her own affiliations, the aim of their articles is not to convince you to become a devoted affiliate of any particular political party or group, but to encourage us all to engage critically with the social realities that surround us.

In this publication, you will not find editorials spelling out a single collective opinion on any matter. There is no one editor. Decision making and general editing are undertaken in a non-hierarchical and collaborative manner, with each contributor valued equally. All articles published in print, together with all the references and sources to back up their claims, will also be published on Warwick Blogs, and be open for discussion. Our flexibility allows for the content and form of the publication to vary. Each issue will reflect the drive, ideas and perspectives of the students directly involved in the production of that issue. Contributions are welcome, be it theory, analysis of current events, historical articles, interviews, book and film reviews, counter-culture, poetry, cartoons, illustrations, etc. and submissions that might not fit into any pre-determined area.

Our e-mail is:

Lorenzo Vidal-Folch