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Let the Truth Be Told - Ballymurphy 11 Relatives Demand Justice

Mary Pearson - Troops Out Movement | 12.01.2008 00:22 | Birmingham

This is to advertise our forthcoming speaking tour with the daughters of two people who were shot dead by the British Army at the start if Internment in the North of Ireland in 1971. They have never had justice. Come and listen to their story. Their parents were murdered in our name.

Troops Out Movement says

Ballymurphy 11 Speaking Tour & Photo Exhibition
Birmingham Public Meeting
Thursday 24th January 2008 7.30pm
Rooms 3&4 Council House Victoria Square, City Centre
Alice Harper – Daughter of Daniel Taggart, Murdered by British Paratroopers
Briege Voyle - Daughter of Joan Connolly Murdered by British Paratroopers
Cahil McElhinney - Brother of Kevin Murdered by British Paratroopers
on Bloody Sunday in Derry
Moazzam Begg – Ex Guantanamo Bay Prisoner

Ballymurphy is a housing estate, in West Belfast in the north of Ireland. The Ballymurphy 11 were local residents murdered by the British Army Parachute Regiment, during the first 3 days of Internment in 1971. No one was ever brought to justice and the victims have never had the focus of the Bloody Sunday victims. Thirteen of the fourteen Bloody Sunday victims were shot dead within 20 minutes in full view of the world’s media. The Ballymurphy victims were shot over 3 days in their own streets. The families have now come together to demand justice

Mon 21 Jan – Manchester 7pm – Contact for details
Tue 22 Jan – Liverpool – 7pm St Michaels Irish Centre 6 Boundary La, Everton, Liverpool, L6 5JG
Wed 23 Jan – Nottingham 7.30 International Community Centre 61b Mansfield Road
Fri 25 & Sat 26th Jan – Meetings with Trade Unionists & Community Groups
Sun 27th Jan – London 2pm - Annual meeting with Bloody Sunday Relatives
Irish Centre, 50 – 52 Camden Square, Murray St NW1

Finances are needed for expenses
Please send donations to address below
Troops Out Movement
Campaigning for British Withdrawal from Ireland
PO Box 1032 Birmingham B12 8BZ Tel: 0121 773 8683 0r 0797 017 4167

Ballymurphy, Belfast - August 9th – 11th 1971
A vicious massacre of defenceless people, written out of history, is now being written back in by their relatives

Fr Hugh Mullan (38) shot dead by British Paratroopers while administering the last rites to injured local man Bobby Clarke

Frank Quinn (19) window cleaner, father of one child, wife expecting another, shot dead whilst helping Fr Mullan

Noel Phillips (19) shot dead

Joan Connolly (45) mother of eight, shot dead whilst helping Noel Phillips

Danny Taggart, father of 13, window cleaner, shot 14 times, died where he lay

Joseph Murphy, father of 12, died two weeks after being shot – Phillips, Connolly, Taggart and Murphy were shot together in a cluster of a few yards facing the British army base Henry Taggart in the evening sun, chatting to friends

Joseph Corr (43), father of seven, shot walking with his son, died two weeks later

Eddie Doherty, father of four, bin man, shot dead on the Whiterock Road

John Laverty (19), last seen leaving his Dermott Hill home, found shot dead nearby

John McKerr (49), father, shot dead in the grounds of Corpus Christi church

Pat McCarthy (44), suffered a heart attack and died when Paras pointed a rifle into his face and threatened to kill him.

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