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Help stop devaluation of YOUR state pension: demo & rally Birmingham

West Midlands Pensioners Convention | 26.03.2008 14:43 | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Birmingham

Join in our state pension demonstration and rally

Saturday 29 March, Birmingham.

Demonstration Assembly point: Victoria Square, Birmingham City Centre 1pm
and march to Carrs Lane Church Centre.

Rally: Carrs Lane Church Centre, 2 ­ 4pm

Programme: Clarion Choir (1/4 hr)

History of State Pension: David Kippest (Unison)

Women & State Pension: Vera Kelsey (CWU)

Banner Theatre (1/2hr live show)

As you know, your NI contributions pay for your state pension when you retire and should be one you can live on. This is increasingly important due to the effect periodic financial crises are having on private and works pensions. The state pension is the most secure pension, the one we have to rely on in later years, so help defend it.

This year is the centenary of the state pension. It took ten years of campaigning, mainly by church organisations and trade unions under the leadership of people like the Rev Herbert Read and trade unionist Fredrick Rogers, to achieve. It must not be allowed to lose more value. The state pension is now only worth 18% of the average wage whereas, when it was
introduced a hundred years ago, it was 25%.

The government argument against increasing the state pension is the same as 100 hundred years ago ­ it cannot afford it. Rubbish! The Institute for Fiscal Studies says "income inequality is currently at its highest since the late 1940s". If £55 billion can be found to save Northern Rock money can be found for pensions.

Another lesson from 100 years ago is that governments do not listen to ordinary people as individuals but when tens of 1000s of us band together they do. So, be at the demonstration and rally with family and friends ­ its YOUR pension that¹s at stake, defend it!

State Pension Campaign 2008: Paul Barton (PCS)

West Midlands Pensioners Convention