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Reclaiming Human Rights In Birmingham

LIGHTBLISS | 27.03.2008 15:29 | Culture | Globalisation | Repression | Birmingham | World

Birmingham , it's time to reclaim your rights to choose before the big fat coorporate butts sit on you and extinguish your right to a creativity , diversity and most of all YOUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE for good.

Behind the veil of conflict, lies the illusion of dualism , that they are against us, or that we are against them.

the truth of the matter is that we all breath the same air, drink the same water and sleep upon the surface of the earth. Whatever we think we are serving , what we are really serving is our own inner truths.

Birmingham, what is the truth of you? Your citizens walk drunkardly along , hands clutching shopping bags , rushing to concreate cubicles to do thier work. Proud to be enslaved , proud to be an employee, blinded by a collective deception they didn't agree to.

The overcrowded ghetto, a melting pot of culture and diversity one side of the coin and a playground for poverty consciousness on the otherside. Which side do you choose? Perhaps you would prefer to ignore the existece of the ghetto with its amputated tree lined streets and fowl language in favour of pleasantville , suburbia. If pleasntville is what you choose then the ghetto is you deep and buried subconsious. It is as much a part of you as the you that is acceptable.

Genertaions of migrants sweept with a giant broom under the carpet told that they will never amount to anything by thier plesantville teachers . Women whos grandmothers wove the fabric of the earth that is now the rich and diverse music and art culture, now like the trees that line thier street, disconnected for the source that nourishes and empowers them.

This is not a moan of 'victimhood' but a wake up call to the collective to understand the reflection of gaia , spirallling out of balance. Just as we cannot breath without oxygen, society cannot thrive out of balance . The large coorporate bodies that dump themselves upon the organic flowerbeds that nurtures, unifies and celebrates diversity cannot survive in it's manmade illusions of power.

Seeking to divide and therefore disempower communities , carribean communities against asians, against african against white, against chinese. Does anyone notice a theme hear?

The body that you choose to rape is the body that gave you life. Let us transform our thinking from against to FOR . FOR UNITY

Where are the communities that support these prerequisites for a balanced culture? Where are the independant art houses, organic food coops, street performers, musicians , graf artists, cyclists , eco warriors...not hiding in your bedrooms I hope. There is a world out there for you to be a part of and you do have a choice about how you want to make it!

So I will leave this space blank for What Happened, when , where and how for you to createin the way that you would like as what i have described above cannot be the only option.

WHAT HAPPEND >>>>>>>> ...................................