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Protect the Children of Darfur

Grace Walker | 29.03.2008 01:13 | Anti-racism | Culture | Social Struggles | Birmingham


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Leaves from outside the Nottingham city centre Post Office on Queen Street (opposite Gatecrasher) at 7 am and returns by 8 pm.

Demonstration outside the Sudanese Embassy in London starting at 12 pm on Cleveland Row, opposite St James’ palace. Postcode: SW1A 1DD

The people in Darfur, Western Sudan have been waiting for help for too long. For five years, the Sudanese government have sponsored the killing of African tribes of Darfur.

Up to 400,000 people have been murdered. 2 1/2 million have been driven from their homes and now survive on a thread in the ruins of makeshift camps which are rampant with disease on the border of Darfur and Chad

The killing still goes on and still the international community has sent no protection. How much longer do these people have to watch their families being torn apart...? How much longer do they have to wait, abandoned by the rest of the world?

Join us rather than staying silent in the face of innocent lives being needlessly wasted and call on our government to bring protection to the people of Darfur.

Grace Walker
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  1. No war for oil. Hands of Sudan! — Chuks Nwaji