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Timetable for Free Social Space Weekend, 11th-13th April

Free Space Brum Collective | 09.04.2008 22:32 | 2008 Days Of Action For Autonomous Spaces | Culture | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Birmingham

Approximate timetable of workshops and events at the temporary squatted social space which is happening this weekend (see and ). The venue will be within a short walk of the Custard Factory and of Moor Street Station - email or phone 07527580190 for exact location details.


10.00am (approx): Venue opens

11am - 1.30pm (approx): Banner and prop making for demo (see below)

2pm: "Stop Selling Off Our City" demo outside Council House (see )

5pm (approx): Return to temporary social centre

6pm: Talk on public sector privatisation and gentrification, followed by dinner courtesy of Birmingham Food Not Bombs

8pm onwards: Acoustic open mic night - all singers, poets, musicians and performance artists welcome...


11am - 1pm:
Workshop A: Introduction to Social Centres
Workshop B: Bike repair and maintenance (possibly ongoing for rest of Sat)
Workshop C: Jewellery making

1-2pm: Lunch

Workshop A: Talk by Mexican activist on the Zapatista movement
Workshop B: Local Exchange Trading Schemes (LETS)
Workshop C: T-shirt printing

Workshop A: Talk on the UK disability rights movement
Workshop B: 12Volt electricity
Workshop C: Art from recycled materials

6-7pm: Dinner by Birmingham Food Not Bombs

Workshop A: Squatting and land rights
Workshop B: Palestine solidarity
Workshop C: Poi/fire spinning

9pm onwards: evening entertainment TBC


11am - 1pm:
Workshop A: Permaculture and Transition Towns
Workshop B: Rocket stoves (DIY wood burning stoves)
Workshop C: Face massage

1-2pm: Lunch

Workshop A: Introduction to co-operatives (Radical Routes)
Workshop B: Climate change activism, including the Camp for Climate Action
Workshop C: Poetry

Workshop A: Consensus decision making
Workshop B: Stencil art
Workshop C: Guerilla gardening

6-7pm: Dinner by Birmingham Food Not Bombs

7-9pm: "What Next?" The future of free social spaces in Birmingham - discussion, all welcome to participate and make suggestions!

All workshops subject to time change or cancellation depending on number of people interested.

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