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Zimbabwean benefit on SAT 3RD MAY

Women Together Birmingham | 24.04.2008 21:39 | Social Struggles | Birmingham

Women Together invite you to a Zimbabwean benefit on
Sat 3rd May, Coach and horses bar, 162 Mary Street, Balsall Heath, B12 9RJ
2pm - late. £3/£6 inc. food

Films 3 - 5, discussion 5 -6, food and live music, DJs from 8pm

We are showing a full length Zimbabwean film called "Flame", about women
fighters in the Zimbabwean liberation struggle and shorter clips about the
WOZA organisation (Women of Zimbabwe Arise).

For info about Flame see:

"I wanted to make FLAME because the stories of these women have never been
told. It's a tribute to their bravery, and also a reminder of how strong
they really are. They must use their strength to push themselves forward.
No government and no society is going to give them what they want. They
must take it for themselves."

"And behind their stories lies a universal theme that women everywhere
recognise - the fight for independence, and then the isolation and
disregard and suppression that follows."

For info about WOZA check out
"Based on the principles of strategic non-violence, through our actions,
WOZA creates space to allow Zimbabweans to articulate issues they may be
too fearful to raise alone."

"WOZA has conducted over 50 protests in its three-year existence and over
2,500 women have spent time in police custody, many more than once and
most for 48 hours or more. These women, front-line human rights defenders,
are willing to suffer beatings and unbearable conditions in prison cells
to exercise their constitutional rights and fundamental freedoms."

The pub has inhouse DJs from 8pm playing various African music from 8 -
late every Sat, so we'll be staying on for a good dance!

For more info contact: 07854753429, 07986453305 or 08004488686
Supported by ARC (The Anti Racist Campaign)

Women Together Birmingham
- e-mail:


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