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Foie Gras off the Menu at a 4th Birmingham Restaurant

Foie gras free Brum | 29.04.2008 21:26 | Animal Liberation | Birmingham

Le Bistrot Romance takes the decision to remove the controversial, animal cruel dish known as Foie Gras off their menu, and the campaign to make Birmingham a Foie Gras Free Zone builds speed.

Le Bistrot Romance is the fourth restaurant in Birmingham to cease the sale of Foie Gras, after just one demonstration held on the 23rd April 2008. The management at the French Restaurant on Bennett's Hill seemed very hot under the collar at the sight of protesters outside their windows.

A letter was sent to the restaurant two weeks prior to the demonstration taking place, to which there was no response from the management.

The demonstration, that only lasted around 30 minutes certainly made an impact, as the campaign was (and still is currently) focused on regular demonstrations at Opus Restaurant.

The manager and owner of Le Bistrot Romance were very rude and aggressive towards protestors claiming that we were wasting our time and that we would never achieve our goal.

However, some time after that conversation with the manager and owner, we noticed that Foie Gras had been crossed off their menu with a notice stating:

"To all customers, as of 24th April 2008 we will no longer be serving Foie Gras, apologies for any inconvenience".

We are glad that Le Bistrot Romance has chosen to stop serving this torturous delicacy, and we urge any other restaurants still serving it to follow suit.

An email from the manager of Le Bistrot Romance after we enquired as to why the dish still appeared on their online menu read as follows:

"As I said, I had a meting with the owner about the matter who decided to remove the Foie Gras from the menu, so I confirm that we are no longer serving it since the 24th of April.
About the website we technically can't remove it now until the new menu is designed"

This combined with previous victories at Purnell's, Simpson's and Chez Jules is a great result and a flying start to the campaign.

The campaign will continue to name and shame all those still supporting the extreme animal cruelty behind this so called "delicacy".

For further information, or if you would like to help us make Birmingham a Foie Gras Free Zone, please feel free to contact us.

Foie gras free Brum
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