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Re: Sean Kirtley - Animal Rights Prisoner

Liberty | 27.05.2008 15:44 | Stop Sequani Animal Testing | Animal Liberation | Birmingham

This article is to inform supporters of Sean Kirtley that, he will not be sentenced on Friday.

I've heard through the grape vine that animal rights prisoner, Sean Kirtley will not be appearing to be sentenced on Friday 30th May at Coventry Crown Court. I believe that it is not known when sentencing will be rescheduled. Can anyone confirm this?



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27.05.2008 16:24

Sean will not be sentenced on Friday he also asked us that people join us on a demonstration at Sequani on the day of his sentencing. More information coming soon...

Stop Sequani Campaign
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others in court Friday

27.05.2008 16:48

David Griffiths, who was pushed into pleading guilty at the start of the trial, will i think still be sentenced this Friday. He was promised a non custodial sentence.

The 2 defendants for whom the jury could not decide a verdict will be in court to find out their fate.

As will the 5 defendants in the second Sequani trial, although only for a short hearing i believe.


4.5 years!

30.05.2008 13:40

4.5 from a maximum 5 - I think a message was being sent.

The bloke that pleaded got 100hours community service.

Blind Justice