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Taste the Cruelty events

NotPeta | 05.06.2008 16:00 | Animal Liberation | Birmingham | London

At selected locations around the country Channel4 in partnership with Sainsbury's are bringing extreme cruelty to city centre locations.

'Imagine a picnic in a park. Now multiply it by thousands of people. Invite all the best restaurants in the area to contribute the food, and discerning vintners to bring the bottles. Make sure some of the guests are famous chefs happy to help out with cooking hints, and organise live music to eat and drink by. This is a Taste Festival.'

Actually it's a pretty sick event, where people get to eat animals that have been exploited for the mere taste of their flesh.

'Taste of Edinburgh – 29 May - 1 June
Taste of Leeds – 5-8 June
Taste of London – 19-22 June
Taste of Bath – 3-6 July
Taste of Birmingham – 10-13 July

Taste Festivals Ireland
Taste of Dublin – 12-15 June
Taste of Cork – 27-29 June'

The Leeds, London and Birmingham events will all be supporting and promoting the trade in foie gras. They will be showcasing the extreme lengths they are willing to pursue in animal cruelty to provide their taste sensations.

Taste Festivals Ltd
4th Floor
Earls Court Exhibition Centre
Warwick Road

T: 020 7471 1080
F: 020 7471 1090

Brand Events (Taste Festival organisers)

Event Director – Sarah Forbes

Event Director – Rachel Secher

Leeds, Bath, Birmingham
Event Director – Rob Elliot

All Festivals

Sales Manager – Mark Hutchinson

Andrew Davies

Anjali Potter

Nick Tether


Head of Operations – Simon Flannagan


Director of UK Taste Festivals – Justin Clarke

Director of International Taste Festivals – James Cooke-Priest

Editorial Director – Tessa Willmott



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Great for the meat industry

05.06.2008 17:42

Veganists are doing the meat industry a great favour. Once veganism becomes associated with them the lifestyle supplements will stop promoting it. Then all its recent and prospective converts will forget all about it, since the vast majority are fucking spectators whose heads are empty of everything but the desire to enhance their status in their particular ABC1 social niche.

There must be a clear cultural distinction in activism between coherent revolutionary politics and simplistic ethical essentialism.


Right on

05.06.2008 18:21

Animal rights activism is an intrinsic part of 'coherent revolutionary politics'

What people fail to understand is that the structures that force people to be exploited also act with a greater intensity against those that are not human.

If you wish to promote an agenda of responsibility it must reasonably contain a consideration of all animals and the environment. Though there is little literature about in regard to how animal rights can support revolutionary change, anyone taking the time to look into it would see that it is clearly the case. For a recent exposition : Making a Killing, by Bob Torres' isn't bad.

Unfortunately people seem to get confused when bringing too many issues to the fore, many liberal and self proclaimed anarchists for instance.

Go vegan