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Harborne Hill School rejects ARK as Academy sponsor – so should St Alban’s!

D | 11.09.2008 12:22 | Education | Workers' Movements | Birmingham

We congratulate the Governing Body and the Head Teacher at Harborne Hill School for stopping Absolute Return for Kids (ARK), the controversial sponsors of the proposed Harborne Academy, from taking over their school.

The Governing Body unanimously voted to stop ARK after it emerged that they were intent on destroying vital educational ties with local partnerships and organisations built up by the school over years. They were also shocked to find out that, despite Birmingham City Council saying that staff terms and conditions were ‘sacrosanct’, ARK refused to give any meaningful guarantees to their prospective employees.

Birmingham City Council have now agreed that ARK are unacceptable for the children and staff at Harborne Hill. ARK will no longer be sponsoring the proposed Harborne Academy. Yet despite all this, Birmingham City Council still promotes ARK as a sponsor for the proposed Academy at St Alban’s School! If Birmingham City Council agrees that ARK are not right for Harborne Hill, why do they think that ARK are acceptable for the students, teachers and other staff at St Alban’s?

The debacle at Harborne Hill proves the danger of handing our schools over to unaccountable interest groups. ARK are not acceptable for our schools, and Academies not acceptable for our kids.

The Alliance Against Birmingham Academies

Alliance Against Birmingham Academies, c/o Birmingham NASUWT 12 The Wharf, Bridge Street, Birmingham B1 2JS

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Brilliant news

11.09.2008 14:12

Great news that Harborne Hill have put their foot down and said no to the march of the private profiteers! Education that is purely about minds and not money has to be fought for tooth and nail - as the Labour government has shown how desperately keen it is to let corporate goatsuckers into the playground and the classroom. Well done to the hard working, principled and determined campaigners who have stood in the way. Still time for St Albans to join them, and this decision will only help to make that more likely!