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Greenpeace in Stapleford today at 18:30

Miss Katerina Sourbi | 24.10.2008 10:34 | Climate Chaos | Birmingham

Calling on all readers with an environmental conscience to attend this meeting to show your support to giving coal the boot.


LOCAL MP Nick Palmer will be asked to tackle global warming and kick start green energy on 24 October 2008 at 18:30.

Greenpeace volunteers from Nottinghamshire will be at Stapleford Library, Church Street, Stapleford to ask the MP to add HIS footprint – literally – on a campaign to get the Government to drop plans for more coal power stations and back renewable energy.

Already hundreds of people from around Nottinghamshire have added their footprint – and all of these will be handed over to MP Nick Palmer to on 24 October 2008.

Over the last few weeks, the people of Nottinghamshire have been asked to ‘give coal the boot’ by stamping their footprints on large sheets of paper.

Local Greenpeace volunteer Katerina Sourbi of Nottingham said:

“We’re asking Nick Palmer to add their footprint to this campaign and give coal the boot.

“And they can do this by supporting a strong Climate Change Bill in Parliament, on behalf of all their constituents who want coal to be given the boot.”

Burning coal is the most environmentally damaging means of generating electricity. Yet despite this, and all the new technologies that exist to generate clean energy, the Government is on the verge of deciding to build more coal power stations in the UK.

Miss Katerina Sourbi
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nice1 but abit late, most indymedia related activists have full time jobs,

27.10.2008 00:29

and about time too, fed up with supporting the citizen smiths of this world.

oi yoi

How the meeting went...

27.10.2008 11:25

Hi guys,

Thanks for your comments. Greenpeace Nottingham only found out at the last minute that we could attend his surgery!

It was a productive event and we managed to natter to MP Nick Palmer for three quarters of an hour rather than the 15 minute allocated slot.

He seemed pretty amiable and has volunteered to come and speak at a Greenpeace meeting. Watch this space!

He supported our views on investing in renewables, however he is still sitting on the fence on the Kingsnorth proposal. However, his indecision stemmed from feeling that he wasn't well read enough on the issue. So, there's hope for change there.

I have attached a picture of the presentation of our Greenpeace bootprint campaign booklet. From right to left, me, Jane Burd, Nick Palmer and Sue Sipple.

Katerina Sourbi