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Around the Campaigns Friday 24th October 2008

John O | 24.10.2008 11:54 | Migration | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Birmingham

Anselme Noumbiwa / French passengers protest stops removal
Anselme was removed from the UK on a BA flight on Thursday morning from London Heathrow; Anselme's appeal to the passengers to stop his removal on the BA flight fell on deaf ears and the flight proceeded on the first leg to Paris.

However when Anselme was put on to an Air France flight at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport and again appealed to passengers the response was overwhelming. Passengers stood up and demanded Anselme be removed from the plane, the French airport police were brought onto the plane to try and persuade the passengers to sit down and let the flight proceed, they refused, so Anselme was taken off the plane and returned to the UK. He is now in Colnbrook Short Term Holding and can be contacted on 020 8607 5200 Ex 678 or 079 1938 8365. Anselme alleges escorts again roughed him up.

Convert or we will kill you, Hindu lynch mobs tell fleeing Christians
As a fresh wave of sectarian violence is unleashed across the Indian state of Orissa, Gethin Chamberlain talks to homeless survivors in Kandhamal district who were forced to abandon their religion. Hundreds of Christians in the Indian state of Orissa have been forced to renounce their religion and become Hindus after lynch mobs issued them with a stark ultimatum: convert or die. The wave of forced conversions marks a dramatic escalation in a two-month orgy of sectarian violence which has left at least 59 people dead, 50,000 homeless and thousands of houses and churches burnt to the ground. As neighbour has turned on neighbour, thousands more Christians have sought sanctuary in refugee camps, unable to return to the wreckage of their homes unless they, too, agree to abandon their faith.


Asylum Seekers [No enforced removals, non-Arab Darfuri's & Zimbabweans]
My Lords, we are not enforcing the return of unsuccessful non-Arab Darfuri asylum seekers to Sudan, nor are we enforcing returns to Zimbabwe. The Asylum and Immigration Tribunal is considering the situation in these countries and we have no plans to resume enforced returns before the tribunal has reached its conclusion. We continue to enforce returns to Iran for those found not to be in need of international protection.


Darfur violence cause 230,000 to flee so far in 2008
- Nearly a quarter of a million civilians have been forced to flee violence in Sudan's war-torn Darfur region this year as the conflict shows no sign of abating, the U.N. chief said in a report on Tuesday. In a bleak new report to the U.N. Security Council, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the humanitarian situation in Darfur was desperate, while international peacekeepers and aid workers found themselves increasingly at risk from attack.

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