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Maggie's Law - stiffer penalties for animal abusers

Camden Animal Rights London UK | 31.10.2008 14:02 | Animal Liberation | Birmingham | World

Maggie was a much loved 20 year old horse who was cruelly killed by two thugs armed with a meat cleaver who chased her and tortured her to death in her paddock. Maggie's owner Davina Bowyer of West Midlands has launched a campaign asking for stiffer penalties for such animal abuse crimes. See where you can also sign a petition.

Davina Bowyer raised Maggie from a foal and had loved her and looked after her for the next 19 years.
Horrifyingly Maggie was found in her paddock lying on the ground, badly injured. The bone of her right leg was sticking out and she had deep cuts to her neck and shoulder. Maggie's shocked vet said he had never seen injuries like hers before. He said there was no choice but to put Maggie down.
A local famer who has not been named recieved a tip off about who had hurt Maggie and the police were notified.
In due course two men were prosecuted. Matthew Corfield of Higgs Road, Wolverhampton, West Midlands and Alex Lister of Olinthus Avenue Wolverhampton both aged 19 appeared in front of Cannock Magistrates Court. They both pleaded guilty to causing un-necessary suffering to a protected animal.
The court heard that Corfield and Lister trespassed into the paddock where they had been lighting fires and drinking. Corfield had thrown a meat cleaver with a 12 inch blade at Maggie at least five times. Her injuries included a shattered leg and a five inch deep stab wound. Corfield had laughed as he inspected the blade for blood. Lister admitted chasing Maggie and attempting to use his mobile phone to film Corfield and another youth running after her.
Corfeild was sentenced to five months in a young offenders institution and Lister was ordered to carry out 180 hours community service.
The judge said : "This was a nasty incident, a prolonged attack on an innocent horse.

Now Davina and her husband Mick have set up a campaign called Maggie's Law in an attempt to get stiffer sentences for those who deliberately cause harm to animals. A petition has also been set up which will go to the government.

Davina has said : "Maggie was so important to me and I still miss her terribly. She was part of the family and we are determined that we will do something positive in her memory.

To find out more about Maggie's Law or to sign the petition go to :

Camden Animal Rights London UK
- Homepage:


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