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BNP plan demo in Birmingham

Fresh Fruit & Rotting Veg | 04.11.2008 22:20 | Birmingham

The BNP are planning to hold a demonstration in Birmingham city centre on Monday 17th November, if they get away with holding a demonstration here they can get away with holding demonstration anywhere in the country, if you can make it into Birmingham on the day or if you live in Birmingham please come out on the streets to oppose the rise of these fascist wankers.

On Monday 17th November the fascist British National Party will make an audacious attempt at returning to the streets of Birmingham. It has been many years since the BNP have been able to host publicly advertised stalls or meetings in Birmingham city centre but it now appears as though they feel confident enough to return to our streets.

The BNP will be holding a demonstration and rally in support of disgraced teacher Adam Walker who is facing disciplinary action from the General Teaching Council for posting racist and Muslim-baiting messages on an internet forum using his school laptop. The BNP will use this issue as a pretext to return to the streets of Birmingham where they have been unwelcome for many years.

The BNP are rag tag band of racists, white nationalists and fascists who want to see Britain divided along racial lines, they wish to stir up division in our communities and pit working class people against each other on the basis of their race and nationality. The BNP stands against the cultural diversity of Birmingham and their presence in this city is an affront to all those who value our diversity and working class culture.

There is a certain irony in the BNP protesting about one of their leading members “human right” to make racially offensive remarks on a school computer while they actively propose the repatriation of “non-indigenous” Briton’s and the reintroduction of national service and the death penalty.

We call on all anti-fascists to turn up and let the BNP know that they won’t be tolerated on our streets.

The BNP will be congregating from 9am outside the General Teaching Council's offices in Victoria House so we urge everyone to get there as early as they can.

Monday 17th November
Outside Victoria House, Victoria Square, Birmingham City Centre

No Platform for fascists
Birmingham Anti-fascists

Fresh Fruit & Rotting Veg


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