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justice not crisis | 24.11.2008 22:55 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Birmingham

A new social centre is developing near Birmingham City Centre. Please come and get involved.

JUSTICE NOT CRISIS have moved on from their squatted Cllr John Lines homeless village,
into the Firebird pub, on the local Benmore estate.

The protest has become much more than a housing demonstration. "Its a response to the lack of youth provision, community provision and the lack of communal spaces for people to meet without the need to spend money."

Since entering the pub the group has been cleaning up, inside and out, making it safe and secure. There is a cosy community space and the young people from the local area have been given their own space to do their own thing. They've brought in their own pool table and a sofa. They have also decorated the entrance during a grafitti workshop.

Free advice on debt, benefits and housing is being offered to local residents, a fireplace has been built from recycled materials found on-site and a library has been started.

The beginnings of a Social Centre are emerging from the initial Justice Not Crisis protest and the collaboration between the different groups involved. For more information on Social Centres go to;

We are still in the process of fixing up the space and anyone is welcome to come down and get involved.

Some of us will be at the film screening this Thursday at The Spotted Dog in Digbeth at 7.30pm, showing and talking about we've been up to.

For more info;

Photos to follow soon

justice not crisis


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