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report (and find) your local empty homes

viral | 25.11.2008 10:39 | Free Spaces | Health | Birmingham

National Empty Homes Week of Action - 23rd-29th November 2008

As housing becomes an ever increasing issue throughout Britain, the Empty Homes Agency is calling for local people to report empties in their area.

“At the very time people need more homes, record numbers are falling empty” says Chief Executive David Ireland. There are now enough vacant homes in England to house almost two million people yet far more attention is paid to building new ones. Councils have the power to step in and help, but can’t do so unless they know where they are and won’t unless they know people care”, he said.

Therefore they have launched a new website for people to report the empties that they are aware of:

Most interesting is that there is a function where people can view recently reported empties, with a handy little map and everything - something squatters may well be very interested in perusing also!!!!

- Homepage:


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