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Gaza Graffiti Small Heath Birmingham & Falls Road Mural

Stalingrad O'Neill | 08.01.2009 02:08 | Palestine | Birmingham

Photos of 'Free Gaza' graffiti on Muntz Street in Small Heath, Birmingham and a mural that stood on Falls Road, West Belfast in 2002. This is a repaired frame from 288 frames that were taken in Belfast but were damaged by British Special Branch when the film was seized.

Belfast Palestine Mural 2002 Falls Road
Belfast Palestine Mural 2002 Falls Road

Small Heath Gaza Graffiti Mural (1)
Small Heath Gaza Graffiti Mural (1)

Small Heath Gaza Graffiti Mural (2)
Small Heath Gaza Graffiti Mural (2)

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Stalingrad O'Neill
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Wow, very cool& inspiring, be great to have murals like this in every city

08.01.2009 03:51

against massacres in Gaza,Darfur & against the false economy, nice1. Presumably the one above has been done on a empty building or with the owners consent,

Universal Confederalist

Great mural, we could do with some more of these!

08.01.2009 09:43

This is a great piece of grafitti, hopefully it will be left there to stay for years to come, a piece of history.

Some more of these around Birmingham would not go amiss ;)


More info on the Small Heath 'Free Gaza' mural

08.01.2009 16:55

Yep inspiring stuff. The mural was painted by Brummie artist Mohammed Ali. He's known as AerosolArabic -

There's plenty of his work around Brum including a mural on Manjits builders merchants in Moseley and another mural in the car park of Aldi in Sparkhill that reads 'Feed the Poor'. Some people have mistakenly assumed this is some kinda promotional advert associated with Aldi! There's also some religiously inspired multi-faith murals around as well that some people might not appreciate as much. Ali emphatically states that he doesn't support 'illegal graff' and it looks like he's one of the select few painters that have managed to eek out a career for themselves jetting off all over the world to do his ting. Wonder if he started off tagging and doing 'illegal graff' in the first place?

You can check out the painting of the free gaza mural here where you might recognise none other than Moazzam Begg posing as a shoe throwing protesta for the mural.

brum imcista