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Stop vicious Zionist journalist Melanie Phillips from winning UK weblog awards

Miriam | 12.01.2009 14:56 | Palestine | Birmingham | World

Internet media activists will probably be aware that the UK Weblog Award is in danger of being won by Melanie Phillips of the Daily Mail who has said that the women and children of Palestine 'are especially good' at throwing themselves in front of incoming Israeli weaponry/firepower.

Please help support the boycott of Phillips/Israel by ensuring that she does not win this award.

The suffering people of Gaza and Palestine could only be furhter insulted and hurt to think that a majority of voters in the UK Weblog awards had voted for the vicious Zionist journalist Melanie Phillips who will crow loudly in the mainstream media over their suffering and exploit her victory to reinforce the zionist murder rampage at every opportunity - if she is allowed to win.

The voting for the award ends tomorrow, Tuesday at 10.00pm. Votes may be submitted once ever 24 hours from the same computer. (Weird, I know, but all the finalists are governed by the same rule so its a sort of democracy.)

The Weblog with the best chance of winning and which is neck and neck with Phillips for the award is the arts and culture website 'Created in Birmingham' - a decent and community orientated blog for Brummies.

I am asking all Indymedia people to network ferociously over the next day and a half to ensure that as many people as possible vote against Phillips.

Help prevent this insult to the people of Gaza. Stop Phillips.

[strong]Link to voting page[/strong] (it's very easy and you should be able to vote twice between now [14.45 Mon 12th Jan] and 10.00pm tomorrow.)

(NB, I've had a lot difficulty getting on there today but I'm told that it is slow but working - please keep trying).

ALSO! Please can you put the word out among the Indymedia community in UK and worldwide? Anyone can vote. Phillips has been bragging about the possibility of winning on her blog - please send this message of support to the people of Gaza. Vote here ( and rember to vote for the 'Created in Birmingham' blog which is the only one that stands a chance of defeating Phillips and is itself a very worthwile and deserving blog:

If you are having any doubts about this, Phillips most recent spewings in the Spectator should help you decide:

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- Homepage: