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BBC 'embedded' with murderous Israeli commando unit

Un-embedded Independent Media! | 13.01.2009 16:32 | Palestine | Birmingham

The following leaflet was handed to over 1,000 BBC staff over the weekend as they went into work.

It makes the point that their correspondent Andrew Herbert is participating in a war crime by being 'embedded' with this murderous unit. I'm sure you'll agree after you have watched the report that this breaks all rules of acceptable journalism.

The URL for the article is:

BBC Correspondent Participates in War Crime

Your correspondent Andrew Herbert is ‘embedded’ with the Israeli Giv’ati Infantry Brigade while the Israeli army carry out a war crime by invading Gaza.

Why is the BBC allowing this?

Soldiers of the Giv’ati have been convicted for killing unarmed children in Gaza (2004). One schoolgirl was riddled with bullets at close range as she lay dying.

They are part of the division that murdered British journalist James Miller and human rights activists Tom Hurndall & Rachel Corrie.

For the BBC to work with this murderous unit is shameful. To allow uncritical comment from an army when it is committing a war crime is to condone it.

You can stop it. Please protest to your line manager.

Un-embedded Independent Media!