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Around the Campaigns Monday 26th January 2009

John O | 26.01.2009 12:38 | Migration | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Birmingham | World

Constant Moussavou, Still Here, Campaign fights on

"Constant said that a High Court injunction against the deportation order has been successful but he will still continue to be detained. It appears that the earlier legal ruling to disregard the new evidence and to not await the authentication of the documents (due to be received on Mon 26th Jan 09) provided on Constant’s behalf has been reversed.

He’d like to thank everybody for their support and expressed the need for your continued help and support in ensuring he’s able to resume his life and work in Leicester."

A special thank you also to Sir Peter Soulsby (MP), NCADC/supporters and to Canon Barry Naylor and colleagues for their continued support and interventions on Constant’s behalf.

Priya Thamotheram for the campaign /

Background: Sanctuary for Constant Moussavou

Salome Chikuta has left the UK /  Time to 'Stop talking and start walking'

Over the weekend her sister who is in the UK called me and told me about the horrific treatment Salome experienced from the hands of UK officials who escorted her.

I then contacted Salome in Malawi and she explained this to me.

"Four escort officers went inside the plane with me. They forced me to sit down and I refused explaining to them that I do not want to be sent back. From then on the officers started to abuse me. They restrained me, beat me , handcuffed me so that I could not move and shouted abusive languages to me saying , ('you stupid black c**t', you think white people care about you) and so on. I started to scream and shout for help but everyone ignored me. I asked the airline staff if they could let me out, but they refused saying that even though under health and safety rules they are not supposed to fly a plane with someone handcuffed, however in these circumstances they will not intervene.

"The escort officers convinced everyone in the plane, that I was a psycho and they should not mind me. They even went to an extent of informing them that they should not listen to what I say, or believe that I am from Zimbabwe. (Do not believe all the documents she has about Zimbabwe, she is a liar. She has been convincing everyone that she is from Zimbabwe; do not believe her she is from Malawi).

"When I got to Kenya to change my plane to Malawi, they dragged me with my hands and legs handcuffed. I was powerless and felt the world against me.

"When I got to Malawi airport, the immigration officers threatened to put me in prison. I got to Malawi without anything, they gave me  a laundry bag to put my few possessions. There is no one that I know here and I am terrified to be sent to Zimbabwe. I am having nightmares, I can not go to sleep, I am traumatised."

She did not receive any medical attention when she got to Malawi.
( She could not continue the conversation because she was tearful).

Ladies and gentleman we can not sit and watch this happening to our community.
We suffer abuse in Zimbabwe and also here in the UK, were 'human rights' are supposed to be celebrated.

Let us be quiet no longer but stand up and challenge the injustices.

'Time to 'Stop talking and start walking'

Yeukai Taruvinga /

Background: Keep Salome Chikuta in the UK

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