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Barclays demos continue in Birmingham

SHAC Birmingham | 12.02.2009 16:51 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Health | Birmingham

Wednesday,11th February

Keeping up the pressure against Barclays, today SHAC Birmingham protested once again outside 2 of their branches in the city centre.

Bad weather as well as bad mannered Barclays staff during the protests were not to deter us in the slightest, as we begun out first demo against this unethical bank with unethical investments, trying to make money from puppy killing.

Soon into the start of the demo we noticed a smartly dressed (far too smartly dressed considering the filthy company HLS that Barclay's have ties with) member of the bank approach the branch as he was making his way towards the higher floors, however his sharp dress sense may was not enough to hide the fact that Barclay's bank are partly responsible for the 500 animals that are killed inside HLS every day.

We continued the demonstration, as groups of people went into complain at the bank, some of which were customers who also decided to close their bank accounts, one lady commenting on how we'd "just gave her another reason why she shouldn't be with Barclays".

We were then greeted by the bad mannered staff of Barclays, trying to say that we were aiming the megaphone directly into the branch... apparently even using the megaphone whilst near to the branch can be classed as aiming it directly in there according to the Barclays staff.

The police were then to turn up, offering their great advice on the situation, "aim your megaphone at the church over there". It appears the police wanted us to demonstrate against the church rather than our original target. We refused. They left us to it. It was a legal demonstration, taking place against Barclays for supporting the vicious animal cruelty at HLS, a company that also constantly falsifies its own test results, we weren't going anywhere.

More leaflets were given out, to more shocked, as well as supportive people. A couple of people said they wanted to get involved with the SHAC campaign and one woman didn't even believe the pictures on the leaflets were real! We told her where to go and see for herself that indeed the torture at HLS may well be unbelievably terrible, but also unfortunately true.

We then moved on to the second branch of Barclays, greeted and encouraged by more support from the public - some of whom had recognised us from previous demos.

Sell your shares in HLS, Barclays and put pressure the NYSE to kick them out of the share market! No excuse for animal cruelty, cut your unethical ties with HLS.

Deal with HLS, Deal with SHAC!

SHAC Birmingham
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