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More Barclays Demos in Barclays

SHAC Birmingham | 18.02.2009 18:11 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Health | Social Struggles | Birmingham

Tuesday 17th February

What better way could one of us spend our birthday than standing up for the animals and naming and shaming animal abusers? We were feeling so generous we thought we'd even give Barclays a few presents of our own - so we headed there with our placards, leaflets, banner and megaphone we made sure they wouldn't feel left out as we know from previous demos they truly appreciate being exposed of their unethical investments in HLS.

The public were their usual supportive selves, again taking leaflets, going into Barclays to complain as well as a couple of people going in to close their accounts for the Bank's ties with such a filthy company that burns, poisons and mutilates 500 animals every day.

We again had the hilarity as their own customers on regular intervals would leave the branch's building, leaving it completely empty! HLS is bad for business, no matter what your involvement - customer, supplier, shareholder or any other tie, there is no excuse for animal cruelty and if you deal with HLS, then deal with SHAC!

After being stood there pondering for a while the police then decided to come up to us, soon to fail their "argey bargey swiftly move them on" approach, which consisted of firstly telling us off for holding a legal peaceful demonstration without first alerting them (perhaps so they could prepare their riot vans, armour, weapons and masses of officers against some compassionate protestors?), then they said we couldn't use the megaphone, and finally they made
an attempt to try to stop us from shouting at all! Whatever happened to Freedom Of Speech?!

After they dithered off we carried on the demonstration, informing more people and continuing to expose Barclays, the bank that tries to make money from puppy killing.

Drop HLS, Barclays! Lives matter more than "business" and until you accept this and make the right decision you'll be seeing plenty more of SHAC!

Bank of New York Mellon has just sold most of it's shares, get some ethics Barclays!

SHAC Birmingham
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