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Shell to Sea campaigner Maura Harrington in prison

shell to hell | 18.03.2009 12:33 | Ecology | Repression | Birmingham | Sheffield

Support political prisoner Maura Harrington

On Wednesday the 11th of March, Shell to Sea campaigner, Maura Harrington was sentenced to 28 days in prison after Judge Mary Devins found her guilty of assaulting a Garda during the incident at Pollathomais Pier on the 11th June 2007. For sentencing for the Section 2 assault, Judge Devins sentenced her to 28 days in prison along with a €1000 fine along with a €1000 donation to the Garda Benevolent Fund and that she be bound to the peace for 1 year. Ms Harrington however refused to sign the bond and so received 2 days in prison for contempt to be run concurrent with her other sentence. Judge Devins also directed Ms Harrington to undergo psychiatric assessment. Judge Mary Devins is the wife of Government Minster, Jimmy Devins.

On thw 11th June 2007, known locally as 'Black Monday', Gardai violently removed protesters attempting to stop the illegal instalment of a Shell portacabin on the land of publican Paddy McGrath near Pollathomais. Paddy suffered a stroke and was hospitalized for several months. Many people suffered injuries and despite complaints, no Garda has received even a caution.

Please send messages of support to:
Maura Harrington
Dochas Centre
Mountjoy Prison
N Circular Road
Dublin 7

Shell are due to start work from April onwards, come over if you can!

shell to hell
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