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Around the Campaigns Wednesday 25th March 2009

John O | 25.03.2009 12:13 | Migration | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Birmingham | World

Sandrine Mbuyi Ntambwe, Still here, Still fighting

"Sandrine was already on the plane; a late successful injunction got her off the flight and returned to Yarl's Wood. She is not to be removed from the jurisdiction of the UK pending the oral hearing of her application for permission for judicial review refused on papers on 13th March 2009.

"We still believe that Sandrine's case has a prospect of success given that similar cases, that of Patrick Mitonga Masengo and Kesthone Kabuku Batekisa, have been accepted to be treated as fresh claims for asylum."

Many thanks, to all who faxed/emailed.

Congo Support Project-Manchester

Second attempt to remove Sandrine Mbuyi Ntambwe

Keep Patrick Masengo in the UK, no removals to DR Congo

Planned Removal of Kesthone Kabuku Batekisa

No Borders South Wales in Action tomorrow

The next regular picket of the Home Office's Border Agency offices in Cardiff will be held: Tomorrow Thursday 26th March 2009
12 noon General Buildings, 31-33 Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 0AB

People have moved freely across the globe for thousands of years, without any need for these movements being controlled. Migration controls & the techniques of migration management are a very recent phenomenon of human history. It wasn‚t until the 1905 Aliens Act that we saw the first law aimed at controlling migration into Britain.

Now we have a brutal & dehumanising migration regime, where individuals, families and children are imprisoned in immigration detention centres, where families risk being snatched from their homes in the night and where people are forced go to return to places that they fear.

Migration is not a crime. We believe that people should be free to move when & where they chose regardless of why they do so.

Please join us at the Cardiff Border Agency next Thursday to demonstrate your solidarity with the migrants who are required to sign here and to draw attention to the UK's brutal border regime.

No Borders South Wales

In Parliament

Pakistan: Religious Freedom
House of Commons / 24 Mar 2009 : Column 192W

Ahmed Abu Bakar Hassam 28 months in Oakington, Ali Saifi 22 months in Colnbrook
House of Lords / 24 Mar 2009 : Column WA121

Sri Lanka and the Commonwealth
House of Commons / 24 Mar 2009 : Column 25WH

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No Borders South Wales

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