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JNC open new squat. Gardeners required.

Petroski Zion | 01.04.2009 11:13 | Ecology | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Birmingham

At 0900 hrs on Tuesday 31 March, members of 'Justice Not Crisis' occupied the Beechcourt Hotel, 201 Bristol Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B5 7UB.

The 21 bedroom hotel has had a checkered past over the years. It has been empty for several months having had its licensed removed by Birmingham City Council. Regular police attendances to fights, allegations of being used for immoral purposes, massive debts and nuisance to local residents all played a part in the hotel being abandoned.

Local resident’s tell of noise nuisance, burning of car tyres and plastic, dumping of rubbish and the illegal cutting down of trees as just some of the complaints.

The hotel with a vast area of land at the rear comprising of a lake complete with ducks, geese and fish has been run down over a long period of time. The 21 bedrooms once home for Birmingham’s homeless now consists of empty rooms, a damaged and crumbling building, and rubbish strewn gardens to the rear.

JNC intend to carry out a clean up operation put the grounds to more sympathetic use and home people off the streets of Birmingham in a clean safe welcoming environment.

The owner has been contacted and negotiations are on going to ensure the property is put to a proper use.

Local residents will be notified of the occupation and ensured that our intentions are in the best interests of the local community and the building and grounds.

Anyone wishing to pop in with ideas or suggestions is more than welcome. We are in need of anyone able and willing to assist with the clean up of the gardens and entrance at the rear which are an eyesore to local residents.

Petroski Zion
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