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Call out for National Demo in Jacqui Smith`s home town

JUSTICE | 08.04.2009 00:02 | G20 London Summit | Repression | Birmingham

The policing at the G20 protests was extremely violent and agressive. Peaceful protesters were attacked and beaten, many of them suffering injuries. We`ve all seen the videos of police laying into the climate campers who stood there with their hands in the air calmly stating "this is not a riot". And now we see film evidence that Ian Tomlinson, who was not even a protester, was brutally attacked from behind with a baton, before being shoved hard to the ground by a vicious cop. Ian Tomlinson died minutes later - I call this MURDER and it happened on Jacqui Smith`s watch!!

This is a call out for a National Demonstration in Redditch, the constituency of Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary.

Demonstrate against the increasingly violent and aggressive policing at peaceful protests. Demonstrate against the erosion of civil liberties in our so called democracy. Demand that Jacqui Smith ensures that the officers who murdered Ian Tomlinson are brought to justice.

Let`s see how Jacqui Smith likes it when 1,000`s of protesters turn up in her home town demanding JUSTICE!!!

Saturday 18th April - 12 noon outside Redditch Town Hall.

The town hall is about 10 minutes walk from the train station.



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08.04.2009 01:13

Local demo, sure. But the national one should be in London more like where Smith works, the home office. We should go without a license. Fuck the SOCPA.


London is not the centre of the Universe!

08.04.2009 04:06

Why must national demos be in London? There`s a national demo there every week so they`ll think nothing of policing one more. But the West Midlands police won`t know what`s hit them if several thousand people turn up in Redditch!! :)

Jacqui has Ian`s blood on her hands. Instead of trying to cover up this killing, why has she not yet apologised to Ian`s family? Why does she not condemn the brutal, violent attacks on peaceful protesters by officers who are ultimately under her control? The answer to that is simple - she supports this behaviour.

Join the National Demo in Redditch, Saturday 18th April. 12 noon outside the town hall.

JUSTICE for Ian Tomlinson


08.04.2009 12:39

go after boris johnson as well- put him on the spot he´ll soon say something so stupid that he is forced to resign


Redditch in worcestershire

08.04.2009 12:44

Is covered by West Mercia police. Though of course they do not have the expertise of the Met' they are quite capable of getting lots of officers mobilised as we have seen at Sequani demos and at the hunts. They will call upon FIT from the Met', City, TVP, Cambridgeshire etc to help as they have in the past. In my experience they can be oppressive and violent and yes West Midlands police from Birmingham would probably attend. Sounds like a good idea and would have a good impact to have it in Redditch which is just down the road for me!

Lynn sawyer

Top Investigative Reporter ready to rock in Redditch!

09.04.2009 08:05

Cometh the hour, cometh the man.....