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Biggest Chrome Graffiti in Brum: Drop Beats not Bombs

brum imcista | 27.04.2009 13:55 | Anti-militarism | Culture | Palestine | Birmingham

The words 'drop beats not bombs' in 25 feet high lettering stretching over 125 feet greet students and locals in Birmingham's Selly Oak. The work by Tony Graffiti is Birmingham's biggest chrome graffiti yet. The piece was done to promote the city's bi-annual Drop Beats not Bombs musical extravaganza, which is happening this Saturday May 2nd at the Rainbow venues in Digbeth.

The chrome can be found on Dale Road Selly Oak on the back of an old self storage warehouse by the footbridge entrance to the University. Whilst the chrome was being painted a van load of cops turned up along with Birmingham City Council's environmental services. After taking Mr. Graffiti's details and hearing that the building was scheduled for demolition they went on their merry way. The graffiti has received nothing but a positive response from students and locals alike.

Photos by Kreios

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brum imcista
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