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Stephanie 12, Desmond 11 and Raphael 6, refuse to leave Yarl's Wood

John O | 30.04.2009 11:43 | Birmingham | World

Fortunately we were not removed yesterday cos the children refused to be removed as Desmond was terrified went into tears and went under the bed refusing to be pulled out, after several persuasion and trial by the detention officer to pull him out. The immigration officer told him that she will be back in couple of days with another date of removal.

Stephanie since after she harmed herself by incision on her wrist she is right has ever been under suicide watch by the detention officers. As the day goes by I see my daughter completely diminishing lost her mind she has refused to talk to neither any body not eating nor a drink of water. The detention offers has arranged for Stephanie to see the doctor but she has also refused to see the doctor she is just covering her head with duvet. She is in great fear of returning to a country where she has no life, where her father was shot, where she has been brutalised as she witnessed many torture, a country where we have watched our heads.

Please help!! This mental torture is slowly killing my daughter, her siblings Desmond 11yrs and Raphael 6yrs are so sad that they run under the bed when they hear a knock at the door, she still says she will kill herself, she is devastated I can't seem to calm her down she has not used the tooth brush since we arrive Yarl wood and she has looks as if she is waken up from sleep all the time, her the condition remains the same the security officials have changed shifts overnight to ensure she does not proceed to suicide. I am loosing it Please help! Some one help!!!

Thank You all,

Ubaka K. Nwose / Tel: 07881713615 /

Please as a matter of urgency sign our online petition

Dear Everyone
You will see from the message above that Ubaka and family are still here, despite their flight being booked for yesterday. Their judicial review was refused. Thus the only reason they were not put on the plane was the resistance of the children.

This means that they are still in immediate danger. There will be an attempt to put them on another flight soon.

We need to keep fighting against this appalling situation.

A solicitor is being approached to continue acting on their behalf. We need to keep up the pressure for Ubaka and his family to be returned to Sheffield.

A report out this week and comments by the Childrens Commissioner on conditions for children at Yarl's Wood painted a bleak picture.
Inside Yarl's Wood: Britain's shame over child detainees

We must relate this to the traumas of Ubaka and his family.


Dear Friends,
Ubaka and his children have not been deported. The children resisted and refused to go with the immigration officers. They are extremely traumatised.

The priority now is to get the family back to safety in Sheffield where we can help with their campaign and legal case.

We need to keep fighting for this family and expose the barbarity of what is happening to innocent victims.

In solidarity,

Sue Taylor on behalf of Friends of UBaka Family

John O
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