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Around the Campaigns Friday 1st May 2009

John O | 01.05.2009 05:44 | Migration | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Birmingham | World

Glad to say there were at least seven empty seats on the 'Ethnic Charter Flights' to Afghanistan (Tuesday) and Nigeria (Wednesday) and all the seats on the 'Ethnic Charter Flight' to Cameroon this morning were empty as it was cancelled in its' entirety.

Still here, Still Fighting

Sunny Michael, Zakir Ali Rostami, Ezatullah Hotak, Anselme Noumbiwa, Eric Tcheujoue, [And of course Stephanie, Desmond, Raphael and Ubaka]

Zakir Ali Rostami: "The MP intervened and the Minister of Immigration has allowed him to stay to finish his college. We also managed to get an injunction and a JR has been granted which could give us more time. Gives us a few more weeks/months and then no doubt we will have to do battle again, but in the mean time thanks to all who supported."
Carina Crawford Rolt

Sunny Michael: "The Home Office were ordered by a High Court judge to cancel the
deportation of Sunny Michael on the charter flight for Nigeria. The judge ruled that Sunny has the right to have a case heard in the courts. However, Sunny may need your support again in the future since it seems that travel documents have been issued and the Home Office still claims that Sunny is Nigerian not from Sierra Leone. Sunny has now been in immigration detention for nearly 18 months and would like to be released pending the hearing of his case."

Thanks to all from Sunny Michael Campaign /

Fourth attempt to remove Anselme Noumbiwa! [Flight cancelled]
"The charter flight to Cameroon has been cancelled by the Home Office, and Anselme’s removal has been deferred. The barrister was in the middle of trying to get an injunction when the cancellation news arrived – so they are going back to a judge again tomorrow. But Anselme has a Medical Foundation appointment in June, so we are hoping they will release him as soon as possible. Meanwhile we must keep up the pressure, because there is a lot of media interest and important issues being raised. Thank you so much to all who helped so far. The messages of support have kept us going. It is great news for all the Cameroonians."

Jackie Fearnley /

Second attempt to remove Eric Tcheujoue [Flight cancelled]
Still in Colnbrook 'Short Term Holding Facility' (STHF) with 15 other Cameroonians, no access to Internet/education/recreation facilities for those held in STHF.
Gabriel Nkwelle / / 079 6055 5067

Ezatullah Hotak: "We managed to get the Judicial Review! he was taken off the plane at the last minute. Thanks everybody for their support.
Kathleen Fitzpatrick /

Alpha Mbodi Campaign update:
We have put together a model letter to the Home Secretary attached (MbodiFamilyJS.doc), which we are asking you to print off, sign one yourself and get as many other people as you can to sign one to.

Return signed letter to:
Mbodi Family Must Stay, 24 Stubbin Lane, Sheffield, S5 6QL.

When we have collected enough, we will ask a local MP to present them to the Home Secretary.

and created an Online petition

Thanks very much,

Sheena on behalf of the campaign /

Keep Alpha Mbodi and his family safe in Sheffield

End of bulletin

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Anselme Noumbiwa Campaign
Eric Tcheujoue Campaign
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Ezatullah Hotak Campaign
Alpha Mbodi Campaign

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