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International Solidarity Movement London present "Audio Intifada" - May 16 @ Bri

Katie Leslie | 01.05.2009 11:15 | Culture | Palestine | Social Struggles | Birmingham

International Solidarity Movement London present "Audio Intifada" - May 16 @ Brixton Jamm

Audio Intifada

International Solidarity Movement presents a night of music to raise money for ISM Palestine.

OK, we know what you're thinking.

You're thinking 'I want to go on a night out, a great night out. I want to go to a club where I can listen to great music by the best artists. Somewhere where I can sit in the sunshine and drink pretty little drinks (or beer if you really want) with the beautiful people. Somewhere where I can groove the night away and go to work the next morning with a smile on my face and a happy ache in my head'.

'But,' you think (because we know you care) 'what about other people in this world? What about those who can't go and see great live bands and storming DJs because their local club got bulldozed by the army? What about people who can't go out after dark because it's just no fun
being shot at? What about those who have lived for years under a repressive occupation and have barely two rats to rub together?'

We at ISM understand what you're saying. And we have the solution you've all been waiting for.

From 9pm on 16 May @ Brixton Jamm, Brixton, London we present a night of incredible music and international stars in aid of the Palestinian International Solidarity Movement. And all you have to do is drink, dance, listen to the best of world music, and have the time of your life celebrating the diversity of our existence and raising a few quid for others.

Iain Woods and The Psychologists (Winners of Channel 4's new talent award)
MC Riz (Leading actor in the new gritty drama film 'Shifty')
MC Lowkey
Mecca 2 Medina
Mohammed Yayha
Poetic Pilgrimage
Sarah Bear and the Junglist Drummer

9pm - 4am, Brixton Jamm, Brixton Road, London
£6/ £5 (students/ unwaged) - tickets available on the door
For more information contact

Katie Leslie
- e-mail:
- Homepage: or