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Jolly's circus demos

Western Animal Rights Network | 01.05.2009 12:38 | Animal Liberation | Birmingham

Peter Jolly's Circus Evesham, Knowles Hill off bypass just follow the upside down directions (they haven't even noticed that they have put them upside down)

It was planned only to have a couple of low key demos at this circus. In reaction to the extreme violence and threats meted out by this bunch of losers our plans have now changed and we have arranged the following;

Saturday 2nd May 15.00-17.00ish

Sunday 3rd May 14.00-15.00ish

Monday 4th May 16.00-17.00ish

We are aware that many activists are very busy this weekend but welcome anyone who has the time to attend. We warn that this circus is very violent and advise that no-one waits at the gates by themselves. Please do bring banners and video equipment if you have it. We are demonstrating in full cooperation with the police.

Western Animal Rights Network
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