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See the Wall of Shame!

ASIRT | 10.06.2009 10:12 | Anti-racism | Migration | Birmingham

A chance to witness and comment on the squalor of the UK Border Agency's "section 4" support programme.

We’re all used to reading newspaper headlines about the luxurious lifestyles asylum seekers are supposed to be leading at the taxpayers’ expense.

But the truth behind the headlines is very different. Thousands of people who have claimed asylum in this country are left homeless and destitute.

Those “lucky” enough to be allowed a home while waiting for a decision on their asylum claim are left to live in conditions of severe squalor and deprivation.

This Saturday in Birmingham's Chamberlain Square we will be displaying, in pictures and in words, the reality of some of the conditions in which people seeking asylum are living in Birmingham in 2009.

We consider it completely unacceptable that such standards are accepted by the UK Border Agency, the Government agency charged with the responsibility for the welfare of people seeking asylum in the UK.

We invite your comments on the conditions described in this presentation. We particularly welcome the views of those who are now or have previously been supported by the UKBA, and we will be presenting your views to the UKBA’s Regional Director to help advocate for change.


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