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BNP´s Leader to Appear on BBC Question Timel

Harold Hamlet | 06.09.2009 04:45 | Anti-racism | Repression | Birmingham | World

The Fascist British National Party´s leader Nick Griffin may be asked to appear on Question Time, the BBC has said. A spokesman for the broadcaster said it was bound by rules to treat all political parties with "due impartiality".

The BBC has a duty to treat all political parties equally, so it could be said that they are not at fault here, but Griffin´s appearance would pose problems for the Labour Party: they have a long-standing policy of not sharing platforms with Fascists. Will they do a U-Turn here and lend the BNP more legitimacy?

So the BBC is making Labour rethink its ban not to appear on the same platform as fascists: "No Platform for Fascists".

Well, in some cases, I believe, it might be difficult to disinguish between some labour MP´s and BNP members, so wherein lies the contradiction. Labour has been stepping towards fascism over the last 15 years, one more goose step to share a platform with Griffin is neither here nor there. What´s New?

Harold Hamlet

For more See: BBC forces Labour to rethink BNP ban: Question Time invitation for Nick Griffin leads party to review boycott as Tories agree to appear
Gaby Hinsliff, political editor
The Observer, Sunday 6 September 2009

Harold Hamlet