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New Lichfield BNP branch leader impersonates a Muslim online

Amused | 07.09.2009 15:04 | Birmingham

Alex Sproule, BNP candidate in the county council elections this year and head of a new BNP branch is caught out pretending to be a Muslim on a working class community message board.

The Muslim community in Lichfield has been under attack since local business man Abdul Salam mooted the idea of a mosque being built in the city.

This has been the catalyst for much debate and the establishment of a new BNP branch.

A group called class crisis who appear to be restricted to a website and message board have also joined the attacks on Mr Salam and it would appear that although they don't condone racism they fail to condemn the 'casual' variety decribing it is a fact of life. They are less than entusiastic about multiculturalism.

They do appear to have caught out Alex Sproule of the BNP posing as a muslim on their site though.

The link below is to the thread on their message board where it all happens.



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  1. Yet more world-class subterfuge from the geniuses of the BNP! — Concerned of Halton Moor