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English Defence League animal abusers put pigs head on Mosque walls in Dudley

anti fascist animal lover | 11.07.2010 18:16 | Animal Liberation | Anti-racism | Birmingham | World

The English Defence League are disgusting animal abusers. They think that it is funny to take the head of a butchered animal and use it as a "joke". Kevin Smith of the English Defence League too a pigs head and put it on the walls of a Mosque in Dudley to offend Muslims. The EDL are "campaigning" to stop another Mosque being built in Dudley. Many of them are racist thugs. They abuse animals too.

The EDL have spoken at their meetings, protests and other events about animal rights. They have claimed that Muslims are "animal abusers" because Muslims eat Halal.
It is the EDL who have taken the butchered head of aonce living sentient creature and used that dead animals head for "entertainment" [for themselves] and to get at Muslims.

Fuck you EDL.

anti fascist animal lover


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why rize to it?

11.07.2010 18:42

never seen a post before denouncing the pricks of the edl for eating meat/dairy/wearing leather an all .. why start now? Fuck them, they're proper idiots. Don't rize to it.


Re: RH

12.07.2010 00:41

For a start the numerous lads on their demos who shout "fuck off paki", or is that just english slang?

EDL fuck off!

Garbage in, garbage out

12.07.2010 07:55

They're just a bunch of half-wits in need of a bit of excitement. And perhaps in search of a bit more meaning to life. Can't really blame them for being utter idiots can you?



12.07.2010 12:19

EDL pigs

John Holloway


12.07.2010 18:22

I think people are lacking a sense of humour on this one


Neo-Nazi Trolls, Return To Stormfront

14.07.2010 09:39

Brain dead Neo-Nazi EDL Troll who calls himself "Cardinal" blurted, "I think people are lacking a sense of humour on this one"....

Fucking racism and animal abuse is not funny.

Will the fascist trolls kindly fuck off back to Stormfront with your white supremacist mates, please, leaving Indymedia to anti-racists and not racist Islamophobes.

Adolf Hitler wasn't funny. Neither are the EDL.

Troll Trasha