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Protest at the Tory Party Conference in Birmingham

Anon | 22.07.2010 13:25 | Health | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Birmingham

Not a day passes without the Tories coming up with new plans to batter workers and the poor. They are tearing into benefits and attacking the most vulnerable. But they are also targeting every worker, whether through pay freezes, tax rises, a jobs massacre or public service cuts.

Sunday 3rd October - 12.00 - 17.00
International Convention Centre, Broad Street, Birmingham

Tory chancellor George Osborne jacked up VAT from 17.5 percent to 20 percent in his budget of pain. VAT is a tax on spending – and it hits the poor the hardest. The rise will cost the average family as much as £450 a year. The tax is slapped on almost everything we buy. It is not a tax on businesses – it’s a tax on ordinary people.

Education has been cut at time of rising unemployment, with universities being cut by £400m, cutting places, threatening a rise in fees, putting thousands of jobs at risk and already dropping courses. The plans to create thousands of "free schools" will herald in a education system in which the priviliged will benefit and private companies will run amok. Education is not a business or privilige, it is the right of all.

David Cameron has written to public sector workers asking them to come up with ideas for saving money. He wants them to cut their own throats. The lies and myths of the public sector being bloated with pay and pensions is a renewed Tory attack on the public sector carried on from the Thatcher days. If there is any bloating of pay and pensions in the sector it is the bosses who benefit from it, not the workers who are no better paid than the average private sector worker. If these services are attacked and reduced they will have an affect on everyones lives, from health care, social services, emergency services, housing services, the list goes on and on.

The government spends billions on war in Afghanistan, even more on nuclear weapons, while bankers lap up bonuses for creating the biggest finacial crisis we have seen in decades, why not end the war, why not scrap weapons that only threaten the destruction of all life, why not tax the bankers? Why are we paying?

Instead of capitulation, it’s time for resistance. Just as in Greece, France, Spain and Italy we need mass demonstrations and strikes.

Start building now for the demonstration at the Tory party conference on 3 October in Birmingham, the Tories have blessed us with a prime location in the center of the country, we must take advantage of it.

Get transport arranged. Let’s bring the anger over the cuts and the war in Afghanistan directly to the Tories.



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