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Class War Enters Team In Pub Quiz At Tory Conference

smashing time | 16.08.2010 18:58 | Birmingham

Taken from Ian Bones blog.

Yes folks – Class War has cuningly entered a team under a false name and purchased tickets for the Pub Quiz at the Tory party conference . The Quiz – complete with ‘bangers and mash’ – takes place from 6-7.30pm at THE OLD JOINT STOCK PUB AND THEATRE. Some tickets are still available and can be bought at site listed below. We would ask supporters to turn up outside the pub to cheer us on. There are many other events including members Bollywood themed dinner hosted by Boris Johnson and serenaded by Mica Paris. Most of these events are outside the secure zone so the fun in Brum could go on well into the night. Listings here:

WHILE THEY DISCUSS THE CUTS THEY’LL BE ENJOYING AN £85 PER HEAD CHAMPAGNE DINNER……..not with our noses pressed to the vaulted window panes they won’t comrades. THE BANQUET IN BRUM – BRING IT ON!

smashing time
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  1. Bored of this shite — mobyonekanobi
  2. Sounds like — Who nicked me milk?
  3. changing the world one quiz at a time — anon