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Bookie's boss laughs at animal cruelty

Tony Peters | 22.09.2010 20:06 | Animal Liberation | Birmingham

Ladbrokes chief slammed by campaigners after conference jokes

Demonstrators outside Ladbroke's Monmore Green Stadium
Demonstrators outside Ladbroke's Monmore Green Stadium

One of the bosses of Ladbrokes bookmakers has been slammed by animal protection campaigners after he mocked British anti-cruelty laws during a speech in the USA.

Gordon Bissett, Ladbrokes' Stadia Operations Controller, described this country's animal protection laws as "daft" and ridiculed the necessity to humanely kill a lobster rather than placing it in a pan of boiling water.

Bissett, who is in charge of Ladbrokes two dog tracks at Monmore Green (Wolverhampton) and Crayford, was speaking at a conference of the American Greyhound Track Operators Association in Las Vegas when he made the remarks.

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Tony Peters, UK Co-ordinator for international greyhound protection group Greyhound Action, said he was "disgusted, but not surprised" by Mr Bissett's remarks.

Mr Peters added: "Gordon Bissett is the controller of two tracks that are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of greyhounds every year, so it is hardly surprising that he has a callous attitude to all animals.

"His remarks, and the laughter they caused at this conference, give an insight into the type of people who are involved in running the dog racing industry, which is only too happy to treat greyhounds as disposable commodities.

"They make a pretence to the public of caring about the dogs, but this incident has revealed that they have little or no regard for animal suffering and is even more reason why the public should boycott greyhound racing.

"We estimate that the existence of Ladbrokes' two tracks is responsible for the putting to death of almost 1,000 greyhounds every year, based on recent research which indicates that over 12,000 greyhounds are "put down" annually because of the British dog racing industry.

"Many of these greyhounds are killed while still very young, and even as puppies, after failing to make the grade as racers, and others are put to death when their "careers" on the track come to an end.

"An RSPCA report on greyhound racing has stated that 'at least 20 greyhounds a day - either puppies which do not make the track, or retired dogs aged three or four - simply disappear, presumed killed'.

"In addition, thousands of injuries to greyhounds, many of them serious, occur every year in Britain. The main reason for this is that the shape of the tracks, with fast straights leading into tight bends, creates a very dangerous environment for dogs to run in.

"Members of the public can help put an end to this horrific situation by not attending dog tracks or betting on greyhound racing, so this appalling death-industry fades away through lack of financial support."

Local Greyhound Action supporters hold regular demos outside Monmore Green Stadium as part of a campaign to get the greyhound track there closed down. The photo above, taken at one of their demonstrations can be viewed and downloaded in larger format for printing (right click on picture) at for use, free of charge.

For more information, please visit Greyhound Action's website at or contact Tony Peters on 01562 700 043 or 07703 558724.

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