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Right to Work invite their priveledged elite to enter the 'exclusion zone'

Anarchists Against The Cuts | 01.10.2010 19:44 | Public sector cuts | Repression | Workers' Movements | Birmingham

While (albeit grudgingly) accepting the change of route for the main march, the Socialist elite get to go to a 'rally' at a pub just yards from the Tory Party Conference!

So, the plan for the right to work march has been changed to make sure people can't block off all three access points to the conference (Broad Street/Paradise Circus junction, Broad Street/Gas Street Junction & Bridge Street).

However whilst other people, including rank and file SWP and union members, are sent round the back streets and then packed off home in coaches at 4pm, the "Right to Work" elite and some international speakers are invited to the 'right to work international rally' at 271 Broad Street (a Walkabout pub).

A quick check on your online map of choice will show you this is inside the police exclusion zone and just a quick run to the ICC (main location for the tory party conference) and next door to he Hyatt Regency Hotel (the other main venue). It is also significantly closer than any of the march routes... Why didn't they extend this invite to the rest of us? Why do we have to go home at 4, I mean it's not getting dark quite THAT early is it?

I don't want to be the one to jump to conclusions about Socialist / police / state colusion, but it is quite hard not too.

We enourage people to ignore the right to work stewards telling you not to head towards broad street - of course right to work don't want people to force there way into the conference zone, they have their own private invite to go there for a drink later.

Also if you're a radical getting a RtW coach up, you may want to engage in some conversations and get people to question the leadership over this one.

(The picture is taken from the right to work website, with added arrows).

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