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Islamist radicalisation at British universities

Peter Tatchell | 22.10.2010 13:25 | Anti-racism | Social Struggles | Terror War | Birmingham

Islamist radicalisation at British universities

A Quilliam Foundation report

Study highlights intimidation of women, Jewish, gay and Muslim students

London , UK – 22 October 2010

Islamist radicalisation at British universities

A Quilliam Foundation report

Study highlights intimidation of women, Jewish, gay and Muslim students

London , UK – 22 October 2010

The Quilliam Foundation’s latest briefing paper, Radicalisation on
British University Campuses: A case study, cites incidents at City
University in London during the last academic year (September 09 –
June 10) to show how a mainstream academic institution in the UK can
become an incubator for extremist, intolerant and potentially violent
forms of the political ideology of Islamism.

Links to an executive summary and the full report are listed below.

Responding to the Quilliam report, human rights campaigner Peter
Tatchell, of the LGBT rights group OutRage! said:

“This report is a wake-up call to complacent university authorities
and student unions. They too often look the other way while Islamists
foment hatred and intolerance among the student population.

“It is a strong defence of the vast majority of Muslim students who do
not share an extremist mindset and who frequently face ostracism and
denunciation by fundamentalists.

“Quilliam have produced a thorough expose of the way Islamist
extremists are bullying and threatening other students. It highlights
sexist, homophobic and anti-Semitic intimidation, and the
victimisation of Muslims and non-believers who do not adhere to
hard-line fundamentalist Islam.

"Radicalisation often begins with the promotion of misogynistic,
queer-baiting and anti-Jewish prejudice; together with the stirring up
of hostility against Muslims who believe in other strands of Islam or
have abandoned their faith. Such intolerance is can be a gateway to
Islamist extremism. That's why it should never be ignored or
tolerated. City University would never host white supremacists who
incite racism and racial violence. Why the double standards?" queried
Mr Tatchell.

Here are some examples of two Islamist extremists who have been hosted
at City University:

Kings College has also hosted extremist clerics. See here:

A spokesperson the Quilliam Foundation said:

“University campuses have been recognised by policy-makers as key
places where Islamist ideologies can spread, but the processes of
radicalisation involved have often remained unclear. This paper seeks
to address this knowledge gap by identifying the factors on a
university campus that may contribute to radicalising an individual
towards Islamist-inspired terrorism. Whilst the paper does not suggest
that everyone exposed to these factors will become a terrorist, it
shows how and why exposure to them can increase the risk of
radicalisation towards terrorism as well as illustrating the
considerable disruption that such radicalisation can have on campus

“The paper concludes with specific recommendations for universities,
students’ unions and government to prevent similar situations from
arising on other university campuses.

“Radicalisation on British University Campuses’ is the latest of
Quilliam’s publications to deal with areas where the risk of
radicalisation is either high or is poorly understood. Previous
reports released in the last year include studies of radicalisation in
prisons and on Arabic-language jihadist websites.”

An executive summary is available here.,9VVO,2Q60WK,QMSG,1

A pdf of the full briefing paper can be downloaded here.,9VVO,2Q60WK,QMSG,1

Quilliam Foundation:


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Equally true perhaps?

22.10.2010 13:44

"The Quilliam Foundation’s latest briefing paper, Radicalisation on
British University Campuses: A case study, cites incidents at City
University in London during the last academic year (September 09 –
June 10) to show how a mainstream academic institution in the UK can
become incubators of extremist, intolerant and potentially violent
forms of the political ideology of capitalism".


Homophobia, the worst disease

23.10.2010 10:10

I'm currently in India, which in general is screamingly homophobic....that would be Hindu culture. Some Islamic culture is much sounder on this issue - Morrocco for example..but of course radical Islam is violently anti homosexual in general.

Its all rather sick and sad, and a very very long way from the realities taught by the original saints whos teachings have been perverted by generally patriarchal society, kinda ritual abuse type thing.


What a load of rubbish

23.10.2010 10:26

I am a British-born Caribbean. I know that the idea that Muslim students would physically intimidate Jews and others on campus is the biggest load of rubbish I have heard in my life. Muslims are scared that they are under surveillance from the security services - just look at Birmingham. They fear speaking out would lead to arrest. The idea that these people would behave like some stupid, Islam fundamentalist is totally ridiculous. In fact, many young Muslims are already well aware that these people are police agents.

Look at Mark Stone. An anti-facist, an environmentalist, an activist and a police undercover officer. Such people are agent provocateurs. They lure moral people into acts that then get them into trouble.

Why do these City University Muslim not realise that they will very quickly come under the surveillance of the security services? why are they so up front and obvious that they are potential suicide bimbers?

What's going on in the university? Some Muslim students have been bribed or blackmailed into giving the impression that there are lots of radical Muslim suicide bombers out there. They may also lure gullable Muslims into fundamentalism. Then up pops the Quilliam Foundation to fool white people and non-Muslims into believing this radicalisation rubbish. Why isn't the guy who runs it in jail for having supported terrorism?

But what did Musharaf say on Radio 4 recently when he launched his party: violent Islam would not exist without the finance and training of the West.

This radicalisation stuff is a load of bollocks.


Islamophobia a result of muslim hatred

23.10.2010 13:42

Islamophobia - 'To be gay and racist is no anomaly' Article
22.10.2010 14:58

I note that a lot of the comments mock that substandard pseudo intellectual article from the guardian. Which is cool because the article is cockcustard. It's rubbish.

Criticising gay people because they are shit scared of islam's threats against them - in the koran and hadiths it says gays should be stoned to death - is just evil.


Get to know a muslim

23.10.2010 14:43

I agree with Carribean Canadian on this one, the notion that a muslim must be a frothing at the mouth homophobe is absolutely rubbish and based on nothing.
The fact that there were a few gays stoned in Iran, does not mean it is sanctioned by the Quran. In fact, there are no references to anything similar in it.

It just goes to show how little muslims people know.
I dare anyone to go up to a stranger who happens to be a muslim, wrap your arm around him (they are very hospitable) and say: ''It's okay mate, I know you like homosexuals just as much as I do.''
He'll thank you for seeing him as a human being for once, and not a stereotype.


Dissatisfied - You avin a larf mate??

23.10.2010 15:21

Get to know a muslim - 23.10.2010 14:43 -I agree with Carribean Canadian on this one, the notion that a muslim must be a frothing at the mouth homophobe is absolutely rubbish and based on nothing.
The fact that there were a few gays stoned in Iran, does not mean it is sanctioned by the Quran. In fact, there are no references to anything similar in it.

What outrageous homophobia!! "A few gays stoned in Iran" as if gay were not important! And not only are gays being stoned they're also teenagers being hung from cranes in the public square in front of crowds of thousands.

Homosexual activity is a crime and forbidden in most Muslim-majority countries.except Indonesia, Jordan and Turkey.

The death penalty is currently in place in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mauritania, northern Nigeria, Sudan, and Yemen. These are all Muslim countries. Please note these are the only countries in the world that have the death penalty for consensual gay sex.

Most Muslim nations (except for Turkey), insist that such laws are necessary to preserve Islamic morality and virtue. ie publicly hanging gay teenagers from cranes is preferable to allowing love between two men. This is one sick religion.

In India, where Muslims form a large minority, the largest Islamic seminary (Darul Uloom Deoband) has vehemently opposed recent government moves to liberalize laws that ban homosexuality.

Muslims in Britain have zero tolerance towards homosexual acts according to a survey published in May 2009.

Only recently in bristol the local council withdrew teaching about anti gay bullying because muslim parents objected.

Wherever you look around the world and specifically in the UK the most reactionary and hostile attitudes towards gays are expressed by muslims. And to say that gays are just being silly for objecting to this is just outrageous!


To Watcher

23.10.2010 15:56

First of all, I never said that gays are acting silly nor that gays are not important. I would never say such a thing, and I'm not sure if I should be apologising to you for being unclear, or you to me for misreading what I said (joke mate, I'm not having a go at you, it's just a simple internet misunderstanding).

When I made that comment about Iran, I meant that there are indeed gays being hanged in recent years, BUT you have to see it in the context of both culture AND the crimes they commited. I remember seeing these pictures of an execution of a bloke that raped and murdered several little boys in the Theheran Desert, I think he was called the Red Spider or something (see link ).
Now, I don't necessarily agree with death penalty myself, but who am I to condemn a souvereign country for dealing with rapists and lustmurderers their way, especially as they have done it for thousand orso years? You cannot rule out culture.

Also, you mention Indonesia as a muslim country. It isn't. It's Asian.
About the other countries you name, I admit I know not enough about to make a proper comment, but will look into it sometime.

Second, even if they do it in Iran and other countries, that does not mean our own British muslims think or feel the same. There is just no empirical evidence for that. In fact, British muslims are perfectly in synch with our way of life and accept (for the most part) our way of life.
To think otherwise, implies one does not know many muslims in real life, if any.
Not a dig at you per se btw, just speaking generally.


Response to Simon the Caribbean

23.10.2010 16:18

You say that Muslims would never intimidate Jews in university.

How do you know? Have you been at every university in the UK? Then how would you know what happens in them?

So what you're saying is that Muslims would never intimidate any Jews or Christians? Even in universities where many classes and courses hardly have any non-Muslims?

I believe you are discriminating against non-Muslims.

I often read a lot of stupidity on Indymedia but what I've read from your comment is the most stupidity I've ever read here.

As this is Indymedia, I'm probably going to be called a racist next. As I dared to challenge what an Afro-Caribbean said.


To Neptune

23.10.2010 16:36

Neptune, if you, as a white man, had had to walk a mile in Carribean's shoes and endure all the hardships he had to for living in a native white country like Canada, or any white country for that matter, you wouldn't be so quick to criticise his views.
You suspect me calling you a racist huh? I am above that. What I will call you though, is naive and most likely of rural Dorset or something, as you seem to know nothing about what dark people have to go through in an institutionally racist, neo-colonial setting with a people who's collective subconsciousness is still living the many centuries of slavery we brought upon them, and how economically deprived they are in a classist society that does EVERYTHING to keep them down.
You may not realise it, but it is middle class white boys like yourself that perpetuate an unjust situation in which Carribean can never be topdog, as we are inclined (as a country) to divide people by race and class, instead of opting for the most sane policy of No Borders.

I hope I gave you something to think about Neptune, and that you will learn from me.
You're welcome btw :-)


Silly nonsense

23.10.2010 18:08

What British Muslim would get involved in and make a public show of his Islamic extremism?

The police had cameras in Small Heath spying on a population that has its roots in Pakistan. They shot a young Muslim in East London not too long ago because a mental retard said he was a violent extremist.

You don’t think that British Pakistani don’t know this? And you think they are going to go to University and spout a lot of Islamic Fundamentalist ranting and bully Jews or gays?

Do you think they want to end up in Guantanamo Bay? Or shot dead?

Most Muslims and people from the Middle East don’t even believe that Al Qaida did 9/11. The last poll of Pakistanis I came across stated that only 3% of Pakistanis believed Bin Laden was in Pakistan. There is widespread belief in Pakistan that Blackwater is behind most of the ‘Taleban terrorism’. Afghan soldiers will tell you that NATO fly 'Taleban terrorists' in and out of conflict zones.

Are British Pakistanis going to get involved in Fundamentalism knowing this?

Muslims have been in this country since the 1960s. Why is it that all of a sudden we ‘discover’ that they hate gays? Or Jews?

Who were Jews more under threat from in the ‘80s and ‘90s, anyway? Fascists? Or Muslims?

Ed Hussein, who runs the Foundation, is typical of an agent provocateur. He wrote a well-publicised book that promotes the notion that British Muslims are becoming fundamentalist.

He went to the East London Mosque that was an incubator for the Islamic Forum for Europe. The Forum is an organization recently attacked as extremist by Channel 4’s Dispatches. The same programme was uninterested in the fact that the Mosque has been in receipt of millions from the government. i.e. the government has indirectly been financing Islamic extremism in the UK. Guess what? Ed Hussein was a member of the same Forum.

Are you going to get a genuine Muslim organizing fundamentalism in an organization that is funded by the British state?

Do you have air where your brain should be?

All this Quilliam rubbish does is justify the bullying of Muslim by the British state.

Quillam Foundation – bollocks!



26.10.2010 01:16

I just got back from Syria, I had a lovley gay old time
Yes reports of gay persecution are massively exaggerated and deliberately so by agent provocateurs within the western media etc etc
that doesnt mean to say that it doest happen, there is persecution all over the place i havent found islam to be more homophobic than catholic, certain jews, hindu etc.... enforcement of law reflects individual cultures
and dont forget there are lots of mostly muslim states
and dont forget there are jews in iran etc etc

the quran actually states clearly that those who seek to twist and manipulate the holy text for their own gains and make their own interpretations laws over others are no good fools (I paraphrase), apart from the 5 pillars of faith (which seem pretty reasonable to me, a non religious gay man)
In fact the islamic political movements which characterize our times were largely brought about by or as a reaction to the interference of the colonial powers....
to use islam as a political tool is clearly blasphemy, and in fact the quran warns us not to trust those who seek to use its word for that
so anyway, Syria axis of evil etc, gay bath house next to the straight one.... went in by accident, heard groans, well when in Rome
I have been all over the middle east and north africa and found Syria, morocco, and The city of nablus in the west bank to be the most gay places, not as gay as brazil, but more gay than say france
yes it may be illegal or socially unacceptable but that doesnt mean it doesnt go on, and in general it is more than tolerated
I actually had sex with a Jordanian Police man, a great big hairy man.
Dont worry we used condoms.... several in fact

gay arabs


30.10.2010 22:52

So what you are more or less saying is that the views of minority races living in native white countries should be immune from criticism because they suffer or have suffered hardships.

Even if their views are hateful and bigotted?

So someone from a minority race who has suffered hardships should be able to say that homosexuality is immoral and be free from having those views criticised then.

Why is that so many on the far left-wing believe that the because one group of people are being or have been treated like shit it's perfectley ok and understandable for them to treat other groups of people like shit too?

Moral relativism is clearly the belief that if you are being crapped on you should just crap on others!

Dan Factor