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Protestors Occupy Vodafone store in Birmingham

VodafoneProtest | 31.10.2010 22:24 | Birmingham

Several protesters entered the Vodafone store in Birmingham New Street on Saturday, 30th October and chained themselves together to protest Vodafone's £6 Billion Tax Avoidance.

Police were called to the scene, entered the store and evicted them by force, pulling them out on to the street.

The police officers attempted to prevent this video from being recorded by falsely claiming that it was forbidden to film the events that took place.

They threatened the cameraman with confiscation of the footage, but the video eventually was captured and leaked to the internet.


On saturday, 30th at around 2:30pm, student activists in Birmingham arrived in the city centre to shut down a local Vodafone store for the day- an action that took place in conjunction with very similar protests up and down the country.

The protest began as activists leafleted inside the store while it was still busy with customers, as two activists made their way to the back to d-lock themselves together, preparing for the blockade/sit-in that would eventually prove effective in closing the branch for the rest of the day.

As the door blockade began, activists continued to film and leaflet outside, heightening the public's awareness of Vodafone's £6 billion pounds tax-dodging history, despite their claims it is merely an "urban myth." This, at a time when tory cuts are looming to threaten thousands of jobs, make education cuts, raise tuition fees etc!

Customers continued to reluctantly enter the branch, though very soon, it became very close to empty- only store workers and activists were present within. The duration of the protest saw from start to finish a few police , to begin with,m dropping by to view what was happening, with public interest steadily increasing as they gathered around the store to witness.

In less than an hour, a police van or two arrived, and evictions of the four blockading activists began, although giving options to "walk to the van," or be physically removed. As a result, the four blockaders were arrested for "breach of the peace," one of them for "assault" to a police officer also, and all four were taken into custody.




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02.11.2010 12:34

Here is a link to the vid with the original audio:

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