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Muslims reject war on terror

Simon Hinds | 19.11.2010 14:53 | Anti-racism | Terror War | Birmingham | World

The idea that British-born Muslims are engaging in Al Qaida, violent Jihad is inherently silly.

UK Muslims joining violent, Islamic extremism due to the English Defence League, or anything else, is nonsense.

Opinion polls show that Muslims do not believe the West’s line on the War on Terror.

According to a 2006 poll by Pew, in the least sceptical Muslim nation, Jordan, 53% do not believe Arabs did 911. In Pakistan only 5% believed the official 911 story whereas 17% of UK Muslims do. UK. Indeed, most Pakistanis believe most terrorism in their country is the work of Blackwater, a US military contractor.

Unscientific, 2009 poll claims that 3 UK Muslims out of 1511, supported Bin Laden’s war against the West. A 2007, Channel 4 poll showed that nearly one quarter of UK Muslims believe the government did 7/7.

We are told that UK Muslims are ‘radicalised’ by the Internet. But the same Internet will tell Muslims that Al Qaida is a branch of American Intelligence.

Muslims know about the Sparkbrook surveillance cameras and the lengths the UK security services go to spy on Muslims.

Given all this, what UK Muslim is going to believe the extremist Jihad story and become a suicide bomber?

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Simon Hinds
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