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Gathering at Huntington Lane anti-coal site

Protestors | 22.11.2010 13:41 | Climate Chaos | Energy Crisis | Health | Birmingham | World

From the 10th-13th December, come to the shropshire anti-coal site for an action-packed weekend gathering.

The Shropshire anti-coal site at Huntington Lane was set up in April this year to defend the site against UK coal's plans to mine the huge site set in thousands of hectares of beautiful woodland in the heart of Shropshire's beautiful countryside.
On October 13th UK coal along with NET (National Eviction Team), who are currently working as security on the site, moved in on the southern part of site and have begun work, trashing the land with a large array of massive earthmoving equipment. However the camp is still going as good as ever and getting stronger by the day!
See our website, for more information.
We are calling for people to come and join us for an action-packed extended weekend of resistance at the site from the 10th-13th December.
We plan to include skillsharing including site skills, action and defense building, information sharing and networking with activists from other campaigns.
Come to the gathering to enjoy free vegan food, nature walks through huge areas of uninterrupted beautiful ancient woodland, acoustic music by the campfire and enjoying the company of the lovely people at the site.
Some crash space is available but if possible please bring your own tent and sleeping equipment. Waterproof warm clothes are of course a necessity at this time of year too.
We will provide tasty hot vegan food for all the gathering by donation, come with many hands for chopping veg.
How to get there:
Detailed travel directions are available at, or call us on 07503 583419, email for assistance.
Please help spread the word and bring your friends to the gathering!

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