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Warwick University occupation ended

Jehanzeb | 25.11.2010 11:05 | Free Spaces | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Birmingham

In the face of extreamly repressive university policy this occupation has ended to re-group and plan further action.

This morning, the remaining students occupying the ACCR made a collective decision to leave the lecture theatre.

We stayed overnight, despite being denied free and complete access to toilets since the beginning of the occupation, and with heavy security continuing to block access to the room. Despite our desire for lectures to go ahead as usual, the University had rescheduled all lectures.
We decided to end this occupation; not because students didn’t want to join us or because we didn’t want to stay, but because it had become physically impossible for us to create the space of free education that we had envisioned. We know that many students and lecturers tried to join us but were blocked from doing so by the University authorities and police. We want to create a space on campus for free and democratic education, for people not for profit. We have not been able to do that in this room.
We see this occupation as a great success: the amount of solidarity and support from students, staff, lecturers and others at Warwick and beyond has been incredible, and the considerable media coverage has successfully carried our message.

We therefore leave here on our own terms, with the knowledge that this is just the beginning. We see a real momentum building and our demands to the Vice Chancellor and University authorities are still outstanding.
We are having an open meeting tonight at 5pm in the to reflect on the actions of the past 24 hours and discuss the next step in our movement. Everyone is welcome to come and participate.

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