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Birmingham Education Strike! 30/11/10 Day X2

Birmingham Against Cuts and Fees | 27.11.2010 22:47 | Education | Public sector cuts | Birmingham

Assemble: The Bullring, front of Waterstones, Birmingham city centre

Assemble: The Bullring, front of Waterstones, Birmingham city centre

Day X was brilliant. It has seen more than 100 000 school/FE/uni students take it to the streets in their respective towns and cities.

More than 20 universities were occupied.

Next Tuesday, November 30, the Education Activist Network (EAN) are calling a national day of action. The EAN are calling on all school/FE and university students to join the biggest day of action to be seen.

Stand up, join the fight - Join the Education Strike!!!

This event will be part of a national day of action.

Birmingham Against Cuts and Fees
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Spreading the occupations beyond the university and why

27.11.2010 22:58

Check out the highly creative and effective student protests in Italy this last week. Not content with occupying their universities and colleges and taking it to the streets, as is traditional now in Italy, students occupy key economic interests such as an airport, bridges into a city, train stations and now major tourist sites: The Coliseum in Rome and The Leaning Tower in Pisa. The point is not to just stay in the spaces of learning (which in some cases can be fairly invisible to others) but to take back other public spaces for occupation and debate and mass political effect.

The occupations here are great and just the start but we could begin to think just a bit wider about creating new occupied spaces of protest, discussion, assembly and ultimately direct action against the cuts and Government. When we take such spaces we are also inviting others who are fighting the cuts to take the space with us and to all work together.

Good round-up of Italian struggles here: