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The Latest Lie..

Naziara Shaharazeyna | 04.12.2010 19:19 | Education | Birmingham | World

The latest lie, the latest disappointment, the latest injustice, by the latest government.
The coalition government is imposing vicious cuts on education, welfare, and other public services. In education, especially, there has been uproar against the hike in tuition fees, a hike which is to merely plug the gap left by the Governments spending cuts and not act as extra cash for any of the universities.

These cuts will ruin lives for generations to come, disproportionately affecting less privileged people, and widening the gap between rich and poor. Perfectly in line with Tory sentiments, yet completely out of line with what the people want. It seems these politicians, most of whom received a free university education, are becoming increasingly removed from the society they seek or more so claim to serve! Worse still, before the election, the Liberal Democrats pledged to scrap tuition fees. "Not only will we oppose any raising of the cap," said Mr Clegg, "we will scrap tuition fees for good." Their new stance, however, since the coalition, could not be further from their promise. That being said Vince Cable is adamant that it is not a betrayal, as they didn’t win the election. (LOL)

Essentially, a two tier system will result. One that allows the richest students to attend the best universities. So much for equality. Education it seems is becoming more of a business, with the rich determining the fate of others. As with the health service, it cannot be permitted to become a market place, which will only in turn lead to a less educated society. Students, even more so than currently, will be forced to choose courses based on finances rather than passion and career goals. Along with the current financial crisis, a substantial rise in the number of students going to university has also been ‘blamed’; from just 6% 50 years ago to around 45% today. But surely this is a testament to the education levels of the UK? Surely education should be encouraged for all, to as high a level as they wish?
Education is a right. All around the world. It is not a privilege for a few.
A new burst of revolutionary sentiment has been unleashed as a result of the shocking rise in fees. As ever the student population have mobilised in unity all across the country to peacefully protest against the latest scheme. From young school teenagers/prospective university students, current university students and graduates and workers, all came together to act in opposition.

Yes, as you may have seen in the news, violence did occur, but only by a reckless minority. Out of the estimated 52,000 protestors, on the 10th November protests, only a handful was violent. Yet this took precedent in the media and the real cause was lost amidst the smashing of windows and the vandalism of a van. Do not let this be the focus, or take attention from the real issue of protesting against the cuts and the consequent rise in fees.

As with anything that affects our society, current or future generations, we need to speak up and kill the apathy. Change is in our hands and it is time to make a stand. Everyone is affected. If you’re not going to be at university by the time these fees are in place, or wish to go to university at all, the effects of these education cuts and tuition fee hikes will still be felt. Your children will feel their effect. Give the next generation hope, not more burdens to carry on their young shoulders.
The events of the last few weeks are a perfect example of the strength of the student body and of mass demonstration against unjust practices. Show your support to the peaceful protestors!

Solidarity through mass unity!

Naziara Shaharazeyna
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