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student action against the cuts newcastle

students against the cuts | 05.12.2010 16:26 | Analysis | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Birmingham

saturday the 4th december student activsts took part in anti cuts protest across shops in newcastle shops include

. VODAPHONE ( 6 billion in tax owed )
. BOOTS ( 86 million in tax owed)
. TOP SHOP (owned by phillip green who owes 285 million in tax)

students against the cuts today held lively demo's against the tax evasionsts of newcastle

we first entered vodaphone and newcastle grays monument to protest at there six billion tax dogeing
activsts enered the store with placards and megaphone to inform the workers and customers of vodaphone what the vodaphone manegement is guilty of
we handed in a letter of complaint about vodaphone and then rallied outside the main door telling passers what was going on giving out loads of leaflets

we then left and went to boots
we entered boots and started to protest inside the store in protest to there tax evasion
it was a very busy boots and many customers were horrified to hear what boots were guilty of

so boots security acted the only way they know best violnetly grabbing the megaphone and trying to take of the activsts then blocking his way out when we tried to leave boots also accpeted the letter of complaint to pass it onto there management

we left boots after holding a lively rally outside the door of boots for ten minutes

we then met at vodaphone northumberland street entering vodaphone to protest once against against there tax evasion
we talked to customers inside the store informing them what vodaphone was guilty of and many members of the public totaly agreed with us

the security guard didnt know what to do soo he locked the doors with activsts still inside and after we handed the letter in they we rallied outside the main door for around twenty mins informing members of the public what was going on

we then went to top shop owned by phillip green
we met inside top shop to protest at phillip greens tax evasion and to hand a letter in demanding it be handed to higher manegement
we protested inside the store talking over the megaphone to customers and staff about what is going on and why we were there Many members of the public were supportive and agreed with us

soo that was it for the day but across the country protests also happend to protest against tax evasion and many many many people are getting infomed about what actually these big companys get away with

and many more citys

students against the cuts