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Successful gathering including blockade at huntington lane protest site

Protesters | 15.12.2010 15:53 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Energy Crisis | Birmingham | World

The gathering at the shropshire anti-coal site at huntington lane went ahead last weekend, including a day-long blockade of the quarry site on Saturday. Much skillsharing and defense building also went ahead during the action-packed gathering.

The Shropshire anti-coal site at Huntington Lane was set up in April this year to defend the site against UK coal’s plans to mine the huge site set in thousands of hectares of beautiful woodland in the heart of Shropshire’s beautiful countryside.
On October 13th UK coal along with NET (National Eviction Team), who are currently working as security on the site, moved in on the southern part of site and have begun work, trashing the land with a large array of massive earthmoving equipment.
In response we had a gathering last weekend, with a massive turnout from a huge variety of people helping with the campaign and taking action against UK coal's plans to mine the site.
A lot of defensive work went on up in the sky and the ground to add to the sites defiance in resisting eviction threats from UK coal.
On Saturday morning, there was a successful blockade of the quarrying site where UK coal have started work.
A group of activists blockaded the front entrance to the site, effectively stopping work for the whole day as workers had to be sent home for the day. There were no arrests.
Come visit the site in the heart of Shropshires beautiful forests, see the website at for more details.

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