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VIDEO: Police arrest peaceful protesters

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! NorthEast | 18.12.2010 22:36 | Public sector cuts | Repression | Social Struggles | Birmingham | Sheffield

"We are peaceful, what are you?!"

@ 1.18 Patrick Reay is pulled away by police while standing peacefully outside HSBC then arrested:

We then picketed the police station to demand the release of him and the other arrested protester, Mark Pearson:


Today there was a very successful protest in Newcastle against the cuts, called by Students Against Cuts and supported by hundreds of people who picketed banks, tax dodgers and shops supporting the cuts. Despite the protest being peaceful the police arrested two participants, Patrick Reay and Mark Pearson. A picket of the police station has been held and we urge everyone to phone the police to demand the protesters are released. Call 03456043043 and ask to be put through to the custody sergeant at Etal Lane Police Station.

Pass this on.

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! NorthEast
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19.12.2010 00:27

Did you ever ask permission to put these peoples names all over the internet? If it was me I would rather you asked first


Over exuberant solidarity??

19.12.2010 00:50

I agree with the about poster, the last thing I'd want is my name posted all over the net. But if you got permission fair enough. Also the last thing I'd want is a demo to be abandoned for people to stand outside the copshop but again if the demo was over (and there was no other target that could have been focused on) fair enough.



19.12.2010 02:47

Wish people would stop posting outrage about 'peaceful' protests getting broken up by cops. That word plays into the cop/media/authority game of separating out active and passive protestors, allowing harsh treatment of those that sometimes need to use force to protect themselves or achieve aims. It makes it seem legitimate when the cops hurt people who are holding the line, or on the offensive instead of the cowering defensive.
The police will always arrest anyone standing in the way of big business, power and authority. We must stand together and united, whatever particular method you are using at the moment. After all, your tactics will change, depending on the situation, the need, your politics, the level of oppression, your frustration, and your solidarity with others.



19.12.2010 10:32

Have the police said what the "terms of the march" they broke?


Really dont understand

20.12.2010 17:40

I dont know, you youngsters should all get a job and stop moaning about the cuts. Theres nothing any of you can do about them. Grin and bear it. You've all had it too good. Get jobs, stop sponging off the state, get a job, start paying yer taxes and get a grip. Institutionalised
Idleness will get you knowwhere. I'm doin alright. I hav my own business. If you dont like what life chucks at you, deal with it. Stop rebelling and get therapy for anger management instead. Nobody owes you a living.

Good standing loyal citizen